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Ghanaian cocoa farmers have appealed to Prince of Wales to use his first-hand experience on Ghana’s cocoa farm to lobby for higher prices of the commodity on the international market. Prince Charles was on a model cocoa farm at Kona in the Ashanti Region as part of a state visit to Ghana. Forty-one-year-old Agyen Brefo, a model cocoa farmer, took the monarch through the process of preparing cocoa from the farm to the shed, explaining to him why Ghana’s cocoa is considered the premium quality product. [ 288 more words ]

Photos: UK Monarch experiences cocoa farming at first hand


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2-year-old Hazana Anderson was reported missing on October 28 but an investigation later revealed that she was sexually assaulted and beaten with a belt by her mother’s boyfriend after which the mother stuffed her body in her car and drove around with it for 3 days. Court documents have revealed the details of the toddler’s death which state that Hazana Anderson, from College Station, Texas, was sexually assaulted by, 32-year-old Kenny Hewett her mother’s boyfriend She was also reportedly struck with a belt multiple times by her mother. [ 343 more words ]

Mother keeps 2-yr-old daughter’s body in car for 3 days